Ferrari Releases the F70's Rough Debut Details Along With a Rendering

We received an email today from some random Ferrari dealer saying that we had been chosen as a potential buyer for the upcoming F70. Attached to this email was an image. We had never seen it before so we all got excited that maybe Ferrari mistakenly emailed out the official images ahead of time… Until Google kicked us down 13 notches by showing us that it was a little-known rendition by Constantin-Gabriel Radu.

After kicking the ground a few times like a 10-year old scolded by his mommy, we then realized that said email did contain a few bits of information that we need to pass on. First and foremost, we have been anticipating a 2013 release of the F70 , but apparently, it is much closer to being done than the test mules running around town are showing us, as the email says that the F70 will be released “in a few weeks.”

The second bit of information is even more impressive, as the email lets us know that the F70 will exceed the 1,000-horsepower mark with its 900-plus-horsepower V-12 and a 120-horsepower KERS system. We had been under the impression that the F70 would have at least 20 fewer ponies.

The third and final bit of info is the fact that the Ferrari F70 will sit atop the supercar world as the fastest serial-numbered street car in the world. That means it will trump the mighty Bugatti Veyron Super Sport’s 258 mph record.

Though the leaked images would beat this information by a long shot, this is still extremely cool to hear. Stay tuned for more information.


I wish I have lot of money so that I can buy this car.

Cars like this are very expensive. I wonder who will bought this kind of car.

Only those people who have the deepest pockets can buy this kind of car. Actually, if I sell all of my luxury, it’s still not enough.

I never thought that they can make this kind of car. Many of us are dreaming of having this car. I only saw something like this on cartoons.

Thanks so much Topspeed. You guys hit the mark with this one. I’ve been searching everywhere for this. I have to get on that list, I will be driving this hopefully

I thought this car will only be in cartoons but then, it’s finally in reality.

Oh yeah. It’s really impressive and makes gets me excited more on it’s engine.

Wow. A real Red–sport car. Even me, I really dream of having and driving this car.

I just hope that they released more pictures of it and also more details about this gorgeous car.

Wow. I’m really impress and excited more on it’s engine because it is very powerful that it can be consider as the top super car of all.

I would say it is beautiful and amazing car. But I don’t think it will bring good sales to them. I’m thinking of they would only make it as a teaser.

Isn’t it the epitome of mastery - to unveil a car that doesn’t look like any other model to date but still delivers deja-vu?

P.S.:However, typing this, I started thinking of Miura’s front-end. Perhaps, it’s just my imagination.

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