Ferrari's new turbocharged engine

In the past Ferrari reserved forced induction for the most spectacular of super cars, like the F40 and the vehicle that the Italian automaker used to develop it, the 288 GTO . Just like prancing horse brand is preparing a hybrid 4x4 system , to get the most out of their stable, it now appears that Ferrari is working on a new turbo V8 unit that will boost performance and efficiency.

Ferrari's new turbocharged engine

The future power plant is a "turbocharged internal combustion engine with V arrangement." What is interesting, at least judging by the diagram, it looks like the new boosted V8 has two equally sized turbochargers mounted in the middle of the two banks of cylinders, just like BMW did when they introduced the X6 . This layout, although unconventional, makes for a much more compact package, and the shorter runner lengths means even less lag.

This is Ferrari’s first step to produce smaller engines that make the same amount of power as today‚Äôs naturally aspirated units. There is no word as to where the Italian sports car maker will mount the new V8 in their vehicle’s chassis, but it should make for an all new super car experience.

Source: AutoCar


While turbos are nice, I hope the fury that is the Ferrari V8 isn’t lost in the process.

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