Ferrari Takes to Instagram to Tease the Ferrari F70

Remember when Ferrari threw a fit back in December when a teaser of the Ferrari F70 was leaked during an event in China? It took them over two months, but now it appears that the Italian automaker is embracing the leaked teaser, releasing a clearer version of it on their official Instagram account.
The photo was accompanied by a message from Ferrari that pretty much confirms what we’ve all known for quite some time now: it’s coming to the Geneva Motor Show.

"Geneva Motor Show I am coming to take your hearts away," the text said, before adding that the "Most Powerful HyperFerrari on its way to take your breath away, a hypercar which can eclipse any competition. Formula1 technology direct inherited into this masterpiece, a car which can turn into a corner as quick as a Formula1 car, a car packed with downforce as a real Formula1 car."

If there ever was any clearer indication of Ferrari’s intention with the F70, the hashtag they ended their message with pretty much makes it clear: #destroythecompetition.

At least they’re not shy about it.


In the march 2013 issue of car and driver magazine there is photo of f70 rear!

"Geneva Motor Show I am coming to take your hearts away," ?
I think it’s more lie:- whole wide world, I’m about to get your necks cracked!-

That’s right..I want as well more concrete, do they have any idea when it will be released?

Teasers over teasers over the tears of the fans and waiters!
I cannot take anymore, I want to see this jewels making some shoW!!

This pictures frustrate me!So many teasers in the last period, and too little concrete information!

Instagram?That’s like so hipsterish for Ferrari.I thought they were really serious guys

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