Fiat 500 finally headed to America

After a long and lengthy absence, Fiat is finally returning to the US, and they’re bringing with them the 500 hatchback. The US-spec version of the minicar, which will be sold in the US through Chrysler , is set to make its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November, giving us a first-hand look at Fiat’s first offering to the US market after an extended absence in the country.

Earlier this week, the Italian auto conglomerate hosted a meeting with 400 of its car dealers to gauge the amount of interest for the 500 in America. Apart from these dealerships, Chrysler is also looking at opening about 165 Fiat Fiat dealerships across the country, more specifically in areas where there is a healthy market for small hatchbacks that the 1.4-liter 500 hatchback can take full advantage of.

According to Laura Soave, Head of Fiat Brand North America, “Our dealers will be able to interact with a group of individuals that are not part of their current customer base.”

“These are individuals interested in Italian automotive design coupled with fuel efficient technology," she adds.

As part of Fiat’s return to the US, the company is set to begin their retail network later this year with plans of bringing in the American version of the 500 and following that up with the release of the 500 Cabrio edition sometime in 2011.

Source: AFP


Dangerous on the road? Yeah, I heard that too. I think they must specify the main reason why it said to be dangerous, but it is a good thing that they are actually heading to America. This is going to a big production if ever.

I was wondering if the rumors were true that this small cars are quite dangerous on US road? Then how come there are still a lot of people choose to drive one? Hmm. I think it has a connection on fuel crisis.

Wow!Finally, it headed on US market! Although, they are the last one to experience this car I bet the dealer would be very much happy to purchase one of this car!

Everytime I watch Clarkson hoon that Abarth SS out, I really want to drive one. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Fiat is going to bring us.

When is the REGULAR Fiat 500 going to start selling here in the US? I mean they keep talking about all these special editions and what not, but I can’t even go and test drive a regular 500. According to Fiat’s USA website the "studios" aren’t even open yet.

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