Fiat looking to bring Tata's Nano to the world?

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It’s small, it’s cheap, and now it may carry a Fiat badge. The Italian auto conglomerate may sell Tata’s ultra-low price Nano outside of the car’s home market in India.

The partnership would likely be forged because Fiat’s strong international distribution, and Tata’s desire to keep the Nano’s price low through more sales. Both parties have shown interest in the idea, but it’s not a done deal yet. Fiat Chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo said the company was in talks with Tata Tata about making buses and trucks. "We’ll see if there are the conditions for us to go forward." In India, Fiat already has a joint venture with Tata to make and distribute cars, engines and commercial vehicles.

If Fiat were to get a version of the Nano, it would likely have to add more safety features to meet the requirements of most Fiat’s established markets (not the U.S.). This could mean added weight and cost to the $2,500 Nano, but it will take a lot to get this microcar out of people’s price range.


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