Fifteen cats in your car may be a distraction

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Fifteen cats in your car may be a distraction

Okay, listen, we are animal lovers just like everyone else, but this may be a tad too ridiculous for us and, hopefully, many other people. Yes, our hearts go out to the animals featured in the tearful Sarah McLachlan/ASPCA commercial, but Patricia Edwards and her cat-infested automobile is just plain wrong.

The reason we say Edwards’ vehicle was cat-infested is because the woman had fifteen - yes fifteen - cats in her vehicle as she attempted to back out of a parking spot at a convenience store in Pierre, South Dakota. This scenario wouldn’t be a big deal unless, of course, Edwards hadn’t almost backed into a police cruiser in her attempt to see around the furry creatures.

The police officer, who was almost backed into by the feline-loving woman, immediately seized the cats in an effort to stop Edwards from driving with such a distraction.

The courts, thankfully, ruled against Edwards and her cats who were deemed "a distraction and interfered with driver Patricia Edwards’ ability to see where she was going." A distraction. No shit, Sherlock.

Seriously, can this get any more ridiculous? If it can, we’d love to hear your stories!


Those cats were cool. Having an image of them in your car is not that stupid act. It’ll be a hilarious if your fifteen animals were joining you on your journey.

I don’t like cats! Ewww, well, she should trained these and put them in a basket so that it won’t give her any troubles when driving.

I have seen the Sarah McLachlan/ASPCA commercial and yeah its tearful.
The depressing part is that those feline can’t be able to defend themselves. And because of that human are abusing them.

Of course! Cats can be a distraction. But if she have trained her cats properly, I think there is no problem with that. It’s her car anyways.

Do they have a ride where 3 GT-40s come and pass you up before your able to finish your ride?

Looks like you own a zoo inside of your car. But I would never let those cats to invade my car!

She can’t be distracted if only she focus on her driving rather than the cats.

15 cats in your car? Isn’t that a a distraction? I bet those furry creatures will mess up the interiors.

I can’t believe people are actually going to try and condone her having 15 FIFTEEN CATS in a motor vehicle,,come on! And really where are those stinkin animal rights organizations now? That is not only self induced torture but that has to fall under animal cruelty (to hot in cars for dogs,why not to hot for cats? I personally think her house is full of them too! DISGUSTING !!!!

What a silly thing to do...a true cat person knows it is dangerous to have any cat running loose in a car! There are so many things that could hurt a cat in a car! It is as crazy as cat owners not checking their washer and dryers for their cats before they load it and turn the appliance on, and yes, I have heard of cats being killed because their human didn’t think a cat would hide in their washer or dryer when they left the door open!

Well, I think that car smells fishy! That’s why those cats infested the car.

15 cats inside the car? wow that was kinda suicidal driving maybe 1 cat can be acceptable by court, but 15? what the heck. i can’t imagine myself driving a car with those 15 cats grrr

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