Final Bugatti Veyron 16.4 sold to a customer in Europe

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport

If there was ever a time for Shelby Super Cars to ramp up their efforts in overtaking the Bugatti , now would be that time. Bugatti just announced that the final unit of the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport has been sold. Okay, maybe not sold, but it has been ordered by a customer in Europe who will take delivery of his supercar next autumn.

With the last of the 300 units sold, Bugatti will cease production of the supercar, at least in its hard top version. The company will still produce the vehicle in the Grand Sport trim.

"In the Veyron the Bugatti team has created a vehicle that has already become an icon of automotive history. Both technologically and in terms of design, the Veyron is still far ahead of its time. The Grand Sport is a further pinnacle of achievement in the open-top sports car segment, and we intend to maintain the same standard in our future Bugatti products," said Wolfgang Dürheimer, President of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S.

Aside from the Grand Sport, Bugatti may also be working on producing the Galibier sedan under the Royale name .


An ideal car that most of us is longing for, but then it is pricey so only few can afford. Now, it was sold out and going to cease the production, aren’t they consider those who are still working hard just to have enough money just to have this car?

The future production of Bugatti is quite impressive and I guess it almost reached up to 1200 hp! I wonder if they have plan of modifying its exterior to make it more sporty.

Too bad that they we will not seeing a production version of this vehicle anymore. However, as long there is a aftermarket company, we still been seeing a tuned up version of the car!

Well, they are planning another insanely priced car, the Ghalibier. But as for a successor to the Veyron, there seems to be no word on it yet, so we have to wait and see.

By the price of this car, only few people can literally get one unit so no wonder why it takes time to sold the last one. I wonder, what’s next for Bugatti?

Well, we really need not to concern ourselves with the identity of the final buyer. After all, it’s his money and not ours. Our concerns now would be the successor of the Veyron.

I wonder who the lucky guy to own the final unit is. He probably would have it customized to make it all the more unique. Definitely one lucky dud indeed.

Well, that’s just too bad. And I though that I would be the one to get the last Veyron, hehehe! Just kidding. But it seems that they really don’t have a definite plan for this one yet.

@Dwight Steven nope, the Ghalibier is not going to be the successor to this one. That car is more of a high end family sedan than a full fledged supercar.

OK, now that they have finally done that one, the question is: what’s next. Sure they still have the Grand Sport, but that one would probably end production by next year.

Hey, haven’t they announced any plans for a successor to this one yet? Too bad if they would be shutting this one down after just the first run. So I am still hoping that they would do that.

Well, I guess there’s no reason to be sad at all! Its successor the Galibier has an extremely awesome performance and it will not let us missed the high speed of the Veyron and I think the Bugatti just make it better!

I don’t know if i will be sad with this news for this would be the end of the production of Veyron and the start of the newer version or shall we call-its successor. Too bad I never got the chance to own one of this car!

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