Finalists for 2011 Miss Tuning Award now up for vote

Here’s something you can do while on your lunch break at work. You might have noticed how at auto shows, there seems to be an overabundant number of scantily-clad women in high heels next to the cars that are being unveiled. That, dear friends, is no accident.

There’s a better level of enjoyment and satisfaction going around these cars while talking to these beautiful models. What would happen if a major auto show is devoid of the beautiful presence of these women? It definitely wouldn’t be as exciting, that much we know.

So now that the finalists for the 2011 Miss Tuning Award have been announced, it’s time for us to give back to these 20 fine young ladies by casting our votes on who we think deserves the title of 2011 Miss Tuning. After the round of 20 young ladies, the top 10 vote-getters will proceed to the finals at this year’s Tuning World Bodensee from May 5-8, 2011 where the winner will officially be crowned as the face of the tuning world for 2011.

Check out the hot ladies and cast your vote!


Judges will surely have a hard time in making a decision as to who will be the Miss Tuning 2011. These girls are all competitive.

This car deserves to be accessorized with a hot seƱorita, I could whistle on them both.

As far as I remember, they already had a winner. The Miss Tuning 2011 was Mandy Lange. She won a Skoda Fabia and I’m sure the judges find it difficult to decide who will be the winner. All of them are gorgeous and the car they are in tuned are all great.

Yeah, choosing really is difficult for all of them are awesome! Its a good thing that its already over.. I wonder on what privileges does the winner gets in the competition.

Wow! The contestants here are all gorgeous! No wonder why the voter have the hard time to choose..Well, in the end the crowd favorite would be the winner! Congrats, Miss Lange.

At least they have told us the criteria for judging! I have seen all the picture in the gallery and I would say that it feels like browsing no-car related site (if you know what I mean) smiley

Its really hard to choose between the ladies for all of them are gorgeous! Actually, my vote doesn’t win.. the plumber theme by Mandy Lange wins the said competition.

This car looks like an eclipse car. The rims and wheels are good same with its headlights.

All finalist are really hot! If I’m one of the judges, its a tough fight I think. Let’s just say that you’re choosing from the best of the best.

hehe. Yeah, actually she is not my bet. I was thinking that they been choosing among the girls that was totally nude. However, she is definitely a good model for car company!

Yeah, I have read that news. I think the current looks simpler than compares to last year’s winner. Though , I’m glad that she won still the previous winner is hottersmiley

Well, congratulation for her! I have heard that aside from being the ambassador she also won a Skodia Robia and I think its the coolest prize.

Yeah, I would say that contestants here are quite interesting! And its good to hear that finally they have announced the winner of the competition and its Ms. Mandy Lange!

Hot models to choose from, great cars they parade with, what more can you ask for, I bet instead of going out on the summer heat, you would better stay at home, open your computer and drool on this sexy girl and hot cars.

Is there still something to be hidden with that kind of clothing? I guess everyone has already an idea about thatsmiley BTW,I already cast my vote! I cant wait for the grand winner!

Well, I also got much choices already and will be casting my vote soon. But with all those looks that they have, all the girls deserve the chance to win here.

I think they already have the voting forms up in the official website, you can just go there and cast your vote. Hmm, I already have some of my choices here.

Hey, did they already announce how the voting would go on this one fir this year? Anyways, this is actually one of the events that I am looking forward to at the Bodensse, aside from, of course, the whole car show itself.

Hey, what kind of hidden beauty are you looking for? smiley All the girls are definitely nice looking in their own ways. Makes me wonder who to choose.

Now, I already feel the summer! All the girls are lovely and I can’t stand not to look at their hidden beautysmiley

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