Finally: Sony announces November 2 release date for Gran Turismo 3D

We’ll believe it when we see it stacked neatly in stores, shrink-wrapped, and ready to be plucked. Until then, we’ll save our excitements for something else.

After what has been an inordinate number of delays , Sony has finally announced the official release date of Gran Turismo 5: November 2. Not only that, Sony also leaked some pretty interesting tidbits about this game, with one of them catching us all completely by surprise. According to them, GT5 will be released 3D-style.

That’s right. 3D.

Like we said, we’re not counting our chickens before they hatch because we’ve been burned by these guys far too many times now, but the mere thought of playing GT5 in 3D does have us getting a little bit excited. But only a little.


Agreed. I think eve the need for speed and the Forza Motorsport is nothing compare to this car game. The new features on the game would definitely be so envious for the other car games.

The good thing about this car game was, its quite successful! It seems that the long waiting of this game is worth it for there are a lot of new features that was installed here.

Yeah, this would be the coolest car game that I have played. I was impressed with the customization features in this game. It gives me the opportunity to personalize my stuff!

Well, I guess the GT5 have started it all! With the new features installed in this car, I bet everyone really enjoyed this car game. I would say that the long time of waiting is really worth it.

Hey! Its already have been released. This 3D video might ruined the image of GT5 i guess.. The graphics is far better than this.

I already know about that.smiley...and I’m excited!!!

"In July 2007, General Motors stated that it would have the Volt on the U.S. market in 2010,[50] and in early June 2008, they confirmed that production had been approved, with a target of getting the Volt into showrooms by the end of 2010."

I just see a bunch of disgruntled old fools and young xbots that shell out their allowance and bonuses on ’update packs’ for Flopza 3 cars that are reiterations of already released cars in the game, and one’s that I’ll be standard in GT5.

Impressive 3d game. I like to play this game in Sony 3d tv with 3d glass.

It seems the long-awaited Gran Turismo 5 which been subject to frequent delays is now releasing. Well, Can’t wait to have it.

hahaha me and my friends are GT addicted we play it first from the PS1... and now our muich awaited game has finally going to release.. can’t wait to have one.

Nice! a mouth-watering game from sony. Finally Sony are ready to release the new GT5. This is a good to play game specially when paired with the new Sony 3D HDTV.

I’m not holding my breath.....Sony has let me down to many times now...

top gear track with the stig behind the wheel too..

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