First Crash of the Ferrari 458 Italia

It didn’t took too long did it? The first Ferrari 458 Italia saw its death. What happened and when, that we do not know. There are only this three images of the crashed car and we do know the accident happened in Wroclaw, Poland. So if you have any details on it, share with us please!

Updated 05/25/2010: The accident happened on May 20, 2010 - 1:45 PM local time when the driver (in his early 20s) of the 458 Italia having a speed of 60-70 mph on "Armii Krajowej" street (where the speed limit is 30mph) tried to avoid a small bus that made a left turn in front of him. The driver veered slightly to his left and crashed into the Volkswagon Bora. According to the police the Ferrari’s driver was to blame due to his high speed.


Sure? First crash? But I have read a lot..?

First crash?? But there’s a news about the burning of Italia somewhere in Paris.

what the hell was that i’m pretty sure it’s owner is scratching his head right now.

That was a bad day for the owner. Oh well happens sometimes.

Well, you don’t have to worry about it. Let the insurance company handle it.

For sure Adrian, you can’t draw the owner’s face when getting off his car.

They’ve said that the 458 Italia will replace the Ferrari F430.

Dang a super car crash! I wonder how is it’s owner felt when getting out of his italia.

agree no matter what or how they repair it. the scar or let’s say dents will always remain on the car.

Dang.. A permanent mark for the Ferrari 458 Italia. Yes it can be repaired but the pain of crashing it will never heal.

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