First Official Image of the 2013 Sante Fe

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Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai was not shy about releasing a number of teaser images ahead of the Sante Fe ’s official debut at the 2012 New York Auto Show. They’ve spent the whole month of March bringing out these images and we’re just about fed up with the wait. Thankfully, we came across a little banner that helped us out on the journey. Say hello to the first official image of the 2013 Hyundai Sante Fe .

It may only be a few hours until the New York Auto Show officially opens it doors, but that was still too long to wait. After twelve years on the market, the SUV was well in need of a new generation. This new Sante Fe takes its design inspiration from the Veloster and the new generation i30 . The car features Hyundai’s new Fluidic Sculpture design language, a set of new headlamps and taillamps, and a new set of 19-inch aluminum wheels.

The current model is offered with engines like a 2.4-liter gasoline engine with an output of 174 hp and 197 HP diesel engine capacity of 2.2 liter. For the new model, Hyundai will offer more power in out of a couple of four cylinder engines.

We’ll find out more about the 2013 Sante Fe as soon as New York opens its doors, so stay tuned!


One comparison to its competition will make it clear that it’s precisely got a more vast space.

The teaser is good, and I hope to see more of the photo in its gallery. Please update it guys.

It’s relatively wider than its competition.

If I’m not mistaken, Santa Fe has a wider track than Toyota Innova.

I hope that others are just as excited as me upon its launching.

The official image of Hyundai Santa Fe is worth waiting, and I hope that enthusiast will be right at this time about the new specifications of the Santa Fe.

This is something that can be considered as really fitting to an absolute plain vehicle with the addition of trying-hard pompous features.

The melodramatic introduction of this vehicle was not worth it; it’s exactly one typical MPV with no features it can boast of.

I never expected anything from this vehicle as I’ve noticed that its promotion was mostly only bluffing. I should feel disappointed, but I already knew that this would be just like a typical vehicle with minimalist design.

I’m having the similar sentiments as most of the comments here. To me, this is an only mediocre vehicle with over-promoted popularity.

From its teasers, first official images, to its final full revelation, I’ll frankly say that I wasn’t really impressed with any of it. I probably expected too much from it that I end up not being satisfied with its appearance and performance.

My thoughts exactly, writer. It has been a tedious wait, and now that it’s finally revealed, I’m really disappointed. I expected it to be more stylish and more powerful.

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