Fisker Hires a Consultant to Help Save Cash and Find Bidders

Fisker Karma: TopSpeed Test Drive

When we reviewed the Fisker Karma back in November 2012, we were pretty sure that this was a model with a promising future in the U.S. market. Apparently, we were wrong. It looks like Fisker hasn’t produced any vehicles in more than six months, and the problems do not stop here.

Apparently the company is still having big problems with cash, which really took off when the U.S. Department of Energy decided to freeze about $300 million of the $529 million loan Fisker Fisker was supposed to receive. Our contact at Fisker confirmed through several news outlets that the electric vehicle manufacturer has hired a consultant to oversee day-to-day operations in an attempt to conserve cash. The other detail to emerge is that sources close to the company are reporting that Fisker is seeking bidders to enter a partnership with or a possible acquisition.

Fisker officials confirmed that the company already attracted interest from companies like the Swedish vendor Valmet and a few others companies in China that may be interested in either being strategic partners or in the technology developed by Fisker. However, problems for Fisker do not stop here: recently battery supplier A123 Systems Inc. filed for bankruptcy and Fisker remains without the most important part of Karma model. Wanxiang – the likely buyer of A123’s assets – has interest in providing Fisker the batteries it so badly needs, so that part may work itself out.

We’re just hoping they will find a solution pretty soon; it will be a shame not to see them on the market in the future!

If you remember the Bobs from Office Space, then you know what it means when a company hires an outside consultant.

Source: Bloomberg


I just hope that the Fisker could be able to get the consultant which could help them in their financial problem so that they will recover from their losses. The design of the cars look impressive and futuristic enough, which means it won’t be hard for them to find bidders.

It’a really a pity that they are in this situation. I hope they will manage the problem.

Worlds first production plug-in hybrid electric? Good to know.

For those who live in a cave, like me, and never heard about this company, well... their Karma is one of the world’s first production plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

From my poit of view, it’s a pity that they desinged that way the front grille... looks like lips.

I like it and I don’t like it....Has something nice but in the same time makes me think about Porsche, I’m not sure why.

Sonique: Fisker is an American automaker. Not for long, is true, since 2007 I think.

uuuuuu, beautiful vehicle, nice lines, elegant. Like!

Fisker?! Never heard about them.. Should I be ashamed?

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