Fisker Hybrid to be unveiled at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show

Fisker will unveil it’s new plug-in hybrid featuring premium styling, performance and green technology at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show.

Source: CNN Money

Fisker overhauls the exteriors and interiors of the Mercedes SL and BMW M6 to create two models, the Tramonto two-seater and the Latigo CS coupe.

"Our customers are connoisseurs who appreciate fine detailing and materials," says Fisker. To that end, he offers — gasp! — completely natural, untreated leather that is glove soft; classic hand-milled aluminum details, polished carbon fiber, and unique LED taillights.

Fisker just announced that he will also create his own high-performance plug-in hybrid sedan. He’ll show a prototype next January in Detroit and have the sedan ready for sale within 18 months — well ahead of any major car company.

Using his own vehicles as the basis for custom coachwork should make such status symbols deliciously cost-effective. Prices for Tramonto and Latigo CS range from $199,000 to $369,500, including base car. Hybrid pricing will be around $80,000.

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