For $5K you can get rear-seat option in your Continental Supersports Coupe

The new Bentley Continental Supersports is priced at $272,000. But for the price you will only get the front seats. Now, if you plan to bring someone else with you, you might need an extra two seats in the rear. And you can get them for an extra $5000.

The only problem is that the Comfort Seat option will drop the Supersports-specific carbon-fiber–backed seats in favor of regular Continental chairs with power adjustment, heat, and massage.

The Continental Supersports is powered by a turbocharged 6.0-liter W12 engine that delivers a total of 621HP. With this amount of power the Supersports makes the 0 to 60 mph sprint in 3.7 seconds, the 0 -100 mph in 8.9 seconds and can hit a top speed of 204 mph.


The interior of these car looks good. And I think the $5K price for the rear seat is kind of a sweet deal! I thought that since its Bentley it could cost more than that price.

hmm. Two-seater Bentley..Well, I don’t think that a leather material would be fit in Bentley car , it really looks so cheap. And I think it would be better if they have used carbon fiber material for the seat. However, I was impressed with the performance of the car.

Continental Supersports Coupe specs are good. But I would refer any other options that has a lighter weight for two seater. I think it made a sense if they cut the big and heavy grand tourer.

Thank you. I drove one and had exactly the same question. If I wanted a two seat sports car, there are plenty of other (much lighter) choices in that price range or less. Great car, but has an identity crises.

Never thought it made sense to cut the rear seats from such a big and heavy grand tourer anyway. I like the Continental GT/Flying Spur, but if I wanted a lightweight two-seater, I’d get something that was originally engineered as one.

like i said though I’m a big fan and usually Mitsubishi performance cars hit the nail square on the head. just one more thing, I’ve changed turbos on the 4g63 in lest than an hour.. Some how i think this will take a little bit longer. I’m a mechanic and this is a mechanically complicated car.

I’m i big fan of this new car all the techno gizmo’s should make it a real treat if everything works properly. although Mitsubishi has had problems with reliability on other vehicles, their performance section is usually bang on. but if for some reason there is gremlins in all these new so called advancements they’ll be spending a long time getting repaired at your local dealership’s warranty section.

I’m pretty sure that the rear seats is comfortable due to it’s price.

I expected such an option with the rag top rear seating still there

Naah, drop the rear seats. It wouldn’t be that useful anyways. Cars like these are for the bachelor and single ladies types. It’s nothing that is for a family or something. I’m really thinking that the friends of people who own cars like these don’t need any ride from them, they must be pretty rich too.

They did the same as the mclaren release the 2+2 configuration of the new McLaren. IMO, this is a good opportunity for their friends to hang out together with a super car.

IMO, A second seat is not necessary to Continental Supersport. A super sports is all about the two seater: Driver and Navigator alone.

Well, the rear seats looks uncomfortable to seat with but what’s the use of having a 4 seater super car if your going to use it 2-3times a week?

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