For sale: Dodge Viper turned into Maybach Exelero

The Exelero is no doubt the greatest vehicle Maybach ever had in its line-up, but there is only one unit in all of the world currently owned by André A. Jackson (who paid like $8 million to get it). So, why would people even dare to make a replica for a model like that? Simple; because anyone in this world would do anything to even just drive the Exelero.

Of course a replica would never be as close to the real thing as one would like it to be, but it could still tame the aches from longing for the real thing. Lucky for those people experiencing this pain, James List has an Exelero replica currently listed and priced at $687,335. It is based off a Dodge Viper sports car and is powered by a 8.3L V10 engine with 800 hp (and not 700HP V12 like the original). Both the interior and exterior can be fully customized to any customer’s wishes.

After the jump: Exelero featured in Jay-Z - Lost One video.

Source: Jameslist


Did you know that the Viper was known for as a historical take on the classic American sports car.

ewwww it looks awful, it like a car that has a large front teeth.

Cool! I hope viper’s engine sound is also the same as the exelero.

Impressive make over, it has the detail of the exelero.. kudos to it’s designer.

Although this replica is really captivated and am impressed on how it is being duplicated. Well, I am still against to the production, distribution and endorsement of replicas, because fake watches are for fake people only. Also it is unexceptional to make a replicas.

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