Ford Capri to come to U.S. as a Mercury

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History seems to be repeating itself. The original Capri was sold as a "baby Mustang" for the European market, and made its first appearance in the U.S. as a Mercury. Now that Ford intends to revive the Capri name , it seems certain that it will also be coming to the U.S. as (you guessed it) a Mercury.

The new Capri concept is being prepared to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the name. Now that Mercury will become the small car arm of Lincoln , it only seems fitting that it will receive a premium version of a small European car. The concept will be developed on the next-generation global Focus platform and Ford Visos will serve as a muse of inspiration for the styling part. The first production version of the concept will arrive in the US market by 2010.

Source: egmcartech


I love it.I`ll start saving now for it.The big three have to stop short changing the US cusomers.We want those cool efficient Euro car`s.

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