Ford considering Capri reborn

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Motivated maybe by the recently launch of the new version of the Vw Scirocco, Ford, the American manufacturer is planning to develop a new concept which will be used to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the well-known Ford Capri Mk1 launched in 1969. The concept will reveal a new vision of the old Capri equipped this time with the latest technology available.

Ford considering Capri reborn

According to the German magazine Autobild, the new car will feature four, five an six-cylinder engines capable of developing between 140 and 250 hp. The price of the car will also be close to the one of the VW Scirocco, €20,000.

Looks like we are facing at a new war between car manufacturers, a war of legendary comebacks, a war where the only winner is the consumer, meaning us. This war will surely motivate car manufacturers in producing new cars with better engines, better design and better fuel-economy.


that, i don’t want my capri’s good name ruined by what will no doubt be a FWD fiesta look alike!

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