Ford delays the Edge and MKX production

Source: Autoweek

If you waited for the new Ford Edge or Lincoln MKX to arrive to the dealership and buy one, then we have a bad news for new: Ford announced that they will delay shipping to dealerships for at least a couple of weeks.

The two models will arrive to dealerships in late November or at the begining of December.

"The manufacturing process and the supply base aren’t to the level of consistency and stability we’d like to see,” he said. “You need to have the product right — which we think we do, in this case. But you also have to have the process right."

The bottom line is that it’s taking longer to build Edges and MKXs than planned at this point. "We’re not getting the consistency of meeting the cycle times, of getting the work done in station, that we’d like to see at this time," Hinrichs said. "That means we’re having to slow the line down or stop the line."

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