Ford drops Focus ST

We have to admit, we are a bit confused. If you remember, last month we reported that Ford would bring the new generation Focus ST to the Paris Motor Show in September. Now, Autocar reports that Ford will axe the ST version of their newest generation Focus.

And the reason for this decision is quite simple: Europe’s tightening emissions standards. The Focus ST will be the second model, after the Honda Civic Type R , who will have to be axed due to the new emissions standards. The same fate will attack the 3.2 V6 in the Alfa Brera, the Mazda RX-8, and the VW Group’s 5.0 V10 turbodiesel.

So, in this case, the car expected to debut in Paris will drop the usual 2.5-liter turbo five-cylinder engine and will get a new 2.0-liter direct-injection turbo engine that will deliver around 250bhp and 350Nm of torque. Derrick Kuzak said the new model will get "an EcoBoost turbocharged engine, be exciting to drive, great to look at and certainly worth waiting for”.

Source: AutoCar


And what exactly do you propose we do with those two extra doors and accompanying sheet metal?

If you screwed yourself over to the point that you have to buy a car with these things slapped in, it isn’t the dealer or the bank’s fault.

First allow me to say that the UAW is totally killing the domestic car maker!! If those greedy sons of es would just stop and think a moment, they would realize that because of their actions.

And I suppose there is no resemblance to the Volvo C40? Not even a mention of Volvo in this article.

How can you, as a 20 year old engineering student afford a new Porsche? Do you mean Mommy and Daddy can afford to buy you a new Porsche?

I could not be happier for Ford and its fans. They’re truly blowing minds with what’s about to drop on sales rooms, this car included.

These lights in the tail end are very nice and sculpted, you people are always looking for something wrong, what is wrong with you?

And I suppose there is no resemblance to the Volvo C40? Not even a mention of Volvo in this article. Ford is so boring.

This car doesn’t need FWD, it’s a Focus not EVO or STi. And personally I think all this tuning programs for this car are not necessary: you tune the already tuning version of the Focus. Those 300hp from the stock RS are enough (for me).

And I suppose there is no resemblance to the Volvo C40? Not even a mention of Volvo in this article. Ford is so boring.

Buy a Mazda Speed 3 and put Ford Focus badging on it, if that’s what you really want.

Ford will start to sell the new Focus here in Brazil in October/November and the ST will show up at a local Car Show. Sadly the price of the new Focus is high (cheaper than Corolla and Civic though) and the ST would be way more expensive.

It is like a Bizarro Mazda isn’t it, except more fish-like so it’s more Nissan. Both of which I supposedly hate. Of course, there’s going to be plenty of love for this in the comments from the fan boys.

That is a very pretty car. Ford, can you please explain to me why we get the crappy Focii while Europe gets these beauties?

If you insist on looking to place blame for Ford releasing this very nice car in Europe first, look no further to the idiots in Washington DC. European governments tax cars annually based on liters of engine displacement..that’s what you call "creating demand for smaller cars". European governments also make gas prices higher than h-ll. The US government has no such policy, instead prefering to blame manufacturers for their inability to push consumers into smaller vehicles. McCain, Bush, Obama, none of them is going to change anything.

Even if they don’t release Focus ST, majority of the customers still wanted a Ford Focus because of its best features.

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