Ford Escape Seen at LA Show.

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The new Escape and Escape Hybrid on show

Ford Escape Seen at LA Show.

Ford have displayed their new version of the Ford Escape and Escape Hybrid models at the forth coming Los Angeles car show.

The Escape gets a make over with bulky panelling giving a look of a heavy duty SUV, yet the lines are defined and true, this car is truly a competitor in the SUV market place for next year. The sturdy looking exterior is complemented with a completely new interior. I think you could safely call this car a muscle SUV because of its menacing front end with chromed panels, it has a face, but a face that is gritting its teeth.

The power comes re-worked range of engines. The 2.3 ltr that delivers 153 brake horse power comes with either a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic, and the 3.0 ltr V6 delivering a massive 200 brake horse power and only come with a four-speed automatic gear box.

All in all this is a true SUV, with power, presence and punch! In black the car just looks so beautiful as the bodywork fittings are in black too, coupled with the chromed front panel, fantastic!!

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