Ford F-150 with diesel engine to come by 2009

Source: Autoweek

Ford has announced that they will launch a F-150 pick-up with diesel engine in 2008 or 2009 and it will be probably the first light-duty pick-up with a diesel engien in North America unless Toyota or Nissan pulls off a surprise.

The F-150 will be powered by a 3.6 liter V8 diesel engine, the same used by the Land Rover Range Rover SUV sold in Europe.

Ford’s diesel team has not made a final decision about the diesel F-150’s emissions system. Ford could go with urea injection to clean up harmful oxides of nitrogen, or NOx. The other option is a lean NOx trap. Both would be used with a diesel particulate filter.


i would love to be the first one to buy this truck my family has been driving ford for the last 31 years and i love thease trucks so please some one post it up when this truck will be out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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plunger nozzle ,delivery valve,cam disk, drive shaft,head rotor

who cares about horsepower...the torque specs sound great....

this trucks was designed to use his power, don’t for run at 150km/h. Who say "With a diesel It wont have much horse power and will be very slow" is wrong. With a diesel engine, the engine never will loss the power that a F-series motor have.

With a diesel It wont have much horse power and will be very slow.

so what’s the point?

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