Ford FPV Falcon GT may fly its way to the US market

The 2011 HSV E-Series 3 cast a huge spotlight on the Holden brand when it was released earlier this year, but that attention was quickly diverted when Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) announced that their Falcon GT sports car would be getting a supercharged engine making it the first supercharged V8-engined GT in their history. Not satisfied with just one feature distracting the public eye from their competitor, FPV is now releasing plans to send the supercharged V8 over to the U.S. market, a market that Holden used to participate in until General Motors cut off the Pontiac brand and, in turn, the rebadged Commodore .

Jim Farley, Ford’s US-based vice-president of global marketing, said that the company plans more performance-based focus — including rear-wheel-drive models — for the US market. This will begin by bringing its supercharged V8 technology back to the US, but keeping it wrapped in its Australian skin.

"The team at FPV is on the record about their desire to potentially use the supercharged V8s elsewhere in the Ford world but at this stage there are no definite plans. It’s no surprise to us, though, that others would love to experience what we have on offer down here."

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I have heard that in their next production American is going to kill the rear wheel drive for the next model. I think Americans would be so happy if that thing would happy. I bet they would be smoking hot on that rear wheel sedan car with 335KW!

No I mean that $71K price is a direct conversion from the $79K Australian price. I’ve seen a Fiesta for 27K from a dealer, while a comparably equipped Fiesta in America goes for $16,500. Converting prices from AUD to USD is more than just a mathematics equation. .

An automatic Camry in Pakistan converts to $59,158.26 USD, and a basic Civic will usually hit the $30K mark new. You don’t see that kind of price here for these vehicles. Conversions can’t just be mathematical, the country itself and its trends in pricing has to be noted.

The two sedans are also the dominant players in V8 Supercar racing, a series that’s roughly equivalent to NASCAR except the races are run on road courses.

FPV’s performance engineering all adds up to a Commodore-beating 450 hp at 5,750 rpm. Oh, and there’s 420 pound-feet of torque, too, and it comes on from 2,200 rpm all the way through to 5,500 rpm.

this car has actually got more than 500hp to the fly wheel and fpv are actually lying about the number on the badge .there have been recent dyno tests and the car has been getting 320 to 335 kw to the wheels and they all have been on different dynos

This isn’t any regular FPV GT though, it’s an inter-cooled version of the GT, which is rumored to be dubbed the GT-H.

The problem with the Aussie Falcon is it’s engineered to be exclusively right hand drive, unlike the Commodore, which is a modified Opel Omega (Cadillac Catera, Pontiac GTO).

This Ford, tho, it looks as vicious as the new Mustang. Rawk. If Ford were to import it, it would give the Charger R/T a run for its dinero. GM would just have to pack up shop and give up, until they turned operations over to Monaro, which would import Utes and Commodores and kick off the V8 RWD revolution anew.

this new car will be the last unique, all-Aussie Falcon. The next-generation platform, due around 2012, will be shared with Ford’s rear-drive U.S. models. If we’re lucky, Dear born will have learned a few things from the Aussies by then.

It could be possible to grey import one and SVA it but it would cost a fortune, at the end of the day at least we get GM’s Vauxhall Monaro.

HSV has been around for a few generation of Holdens but FPV has only been around for a few years - previously Fords Performance devision was Tickford.

hmm do you see some similarities between the honda civic and falcon? i see the headlamps is almost the same as the civic.

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