Ford Mondeo Coupe renderings

First rumor came from Autobild, last week. They were the first one to report that Ford is working on a four-door coupe version of the successful Mondeo. The car will be released in 2012-13 and will compete with the newly Passt CC .

The future Mondeo Coupe will feature new frameless side windows, swooshy upright lateral air vents, stability-enhancing finned C-posts, translucent 3D tail lights, four individually adjustable bucket seats and a new black panel MMI monitor with touchsceen and remote control access. It will also abandon the split radiator grille in favor of a new singleframe front end treatment featuring one large air intake aperture flanked by two smaller inlets/foglamps.

Source: Car Magazine


Can’t wait for more details!

I want one of those!

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