Ford releases yet another teaser photo - no. 5! - of the 2011 Ford Explorer

At this point, we’re not exactly sure if Ford wants us to set up a jigsaw puzzle with these teaser photos of the 2011 Ford Explorer because in the event that you’re not yet satisfied with the four teaser photos they’ve released - not to mention the countless outdoor teases - the Blue Oval is back with yet another one.

Ever since it began, Ford has used its Facebook page to slowly release these teaser photos, but if we’re being honest about it, all these teaser photos that don’t leave a whole lot for our imaginations to work with is getting a little old. We know the method, fellas: build the anticipation to high enough levels and climax it with the grand reveal.

For the sake of Ford, let’s hope they stick to their word and break the covers off of the 2011 Explorer at the scheduled time of the end of July. Otherwise, we don’t know how many more ‘teases’ we can handle.

Source: Ford


Hey MicoPeterson, It didn’t bring any negative remarks as I’ve known. Many instead are excited upon seeing the photos.

Between the spy photos and all the teasers, this is a candidate for one of the longer roll out campaigns in auto marketing history. Is anyone really on the edge of their chair anymore about yet another Explorer, even if it looks different? Seems like Ford is just trying to blunt a little bit of the Grand Cherokee buzz right now.

I love the comeback Ford is making but why not show the new Explorer in setting such as a mall parking lot. That would be much more accurate area of exploration for this type of vehicle. Or at least show in Jurassic Park guise.

I’m aware it’s not built on the Edge platform, that’s why I footnoted my post with a ’(generalizing)’ as I meant to say it looks like the Edge profile but with Taurus details.

yes, it’s very teasing indeed, but based on the other pic. ford reduces it’s size.

Haha, a hot teaser again, will they just let us peak of this new car.

Truck teasers are somewhat easy to read, their interior is much more interesting to find out.

Haha, now that they’ve released the car it’s just fun too look on this again.

The Ford Freestyle/Taurus X was a truly exceptional engineering and packaging job sunk by bland styling and nonexistent marketing.

Ford has dragged this out for so long at this point I don’t give a what the thing looks like anymore.

Teaser again! Not to be a negative, but I guess some people are so excited about a rehash of yet another SUV.

My thoughts exactly. Follow the belt line from the side windows across to the opening and it appear that the only thing you will be able to see in the rear view mirror is a truck.

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