Ford's marketing manager poses in front of the 2011 Ford Explorer

If you’re wondering why we’re showing you a photo of Amy Marentic, Ford’s marketing manager, it’s not because we have the eyes for her, although she is a real looker. It’s more because of what’s hiding behind her.

That, dear friends, is the 2011 Ford Explorer , which the Blue Oval is once again teasing in an entirely unconventional way. In a recent interview with Reuters, Ford released this teaser photo, possibly in an effort to spark brand interest in the SUV that, according to Marentic, has lost its fair share of customers in recent years.
"Right now six out of ten who own an Explorer defect to another brand," she points out. "We want to switch that around and keep all of those customers like we used to in the early to mid-1990s."

Of course, achieving that is easier said than done and Ford knows that reinventing the Explorer is probably the only chance they have in winning back their past customers. That being said, the 2011 Explorer looks to be a step in the right direction but we’d be a little more excited if they just showed us more detailed photos of the SUV before its July unveiling.

Source: Reuters


Perhaps Ford would have done better if they had released any pictures that made the Explorer look like something other than another variant on GM’s Lambda quadruplets

Thats true. The more exposure or rather say ’damaged’ done in the movie, the more units will be purchased.

It all depends on the D ar treatment. Personally I think the D- ar being blacked out like the A & B ars would give it a unique, cantilevered cabin cruiser look. As for the black front end, my guess is they are still fine tuning the air-dam/fascia for maximum fuel efficiency and haven’t decided on a final one yet. Likely the same story with the wheels and exterior mirrors.

She doesn’t need to do this kind of things, Ford Explorer has been know for it’s reliability, performance and design, and there are no doubt that it will sell very well on the market. besides, explorer is on of the iconic SUV when it comes to off road and luxury.

Another teaser of Ford, really can’t wait to see the full photo of this SUV. Hopefully, this SUV will look pretty darn gorgeous.

Not just a phenomenon hit. It also became Iconic to those hard core off road driver and outdoor travelers

Agree on that the 90’s explorer was became a phenomenon hit. and even the movie Jurassic par the explorer has been used and destroyed by T-Rex.

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