Ford saves Mercury – gives it new direction

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Ford saves Mercury – gives it new direction

Mercury has been in an identity crisis. The latest marketing suggests that the brand is supposed to be young, hip and female, but hardly anyone bought it – literally. Mercury had sunk so far that it was about to become another discontinued brand like GM’s Oldsmobile Oldsmobile or Chrysler’s Plymouth Plymouth . But it seems Ford had a change of heart and is going to pump new direction in the forgotten brand. Mercury will now be the gateway brand to Lincoln.

This doesn’t seem like a too far step considering that all Lincoln dealerships also carry Mercury products. Now Mercury’s future now will be complementing Lincoln Lincoln by selling premium small cars and crossovers. "Lincoln will start with midsized sedans and move up from there," said Derrick Kuzak, Ford Ford ’s global product chief. "Mercury brings a younger, more female customer than the Ford brand. We’re focusing (Mercury Mercury ) very much on small, fuel-efficient products." By 2010 Mercury should get a version of the new Ford Focus Ford Focus , but it will also possibly give up some of its larger vehicles such as Sable, Moutaineer and Grand Marquis, because they no longer fit in the brand’s new identity.

Source: Autoblog

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