Ford Shelby GT500KR pricing announced

The GT500KR or “King of the Road” Mustang is the fourth limited-edition Mustang that Shelby Automobiles and Ford have brought to market since resuming their collaboration in 2001. The public will get its first taste of the GT500KR in late May, when selected dealers will offer the latest Shelby Shelby Mustang in a limited edition of 1,000 units for 2008. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price of the Mustang GT500KR is $79,995, including destination and delivery charges.

Ford Shelby GT500KR pricing announced

Each 2008 GT500KR model is identified by a special 40th Anniversary badge on the fenders and grille, distinctive body colored mirror caps and Shelby lettering stretching across the front of the hood and along the rear portion of the deck lid. A special Shelby Automobiles, Inc., Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) tag is affixed inside each vehicle’s engine compartment.

The 2008 “King of the Road” packs a walloping dose of Ford performance under a sculpted carbon fiber hood. The Ford SVT-engineered 5.4-liter supercharged V-8 is enhanced with a series of Ford Racing-inspired upgrades that boosts horsepower to an estimated 540 and torque to 510 lb.-ft.


If it ain’t the king of the ring, why would you want to call it that? But I do realize that the KR stands for that even on the earlier models. However its one thing to have a name and its another when people actually refer to it as one, giving the impression that it is the actual king of the road.

You decide which category it falls into.

I believe that you wouldn’t be eager to give it that "king of the road" title, but I think that is what those acronyms stand for from the Ford it self!

I wouldn’t be so eager to give it "the king of the road " title. MrAWD is right. The GT-R is cheaper, faster, better handling( I could continue but the list goes on).

WOW!! Just $80k!! That is a steal!! Compared to the 1 (one) full Nissan GT-R and extra $10,000.00 and a brand sparkling new King of the Road everyhting is so clear!! I just wonder what those poor losers at Ford where thinking about??

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