Ford shows off 2013 Mustang in new commercial

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Ford’s new ad spot for the 2013 Mustang made its National television debut during the 2012 Daytona 500. The ad, instead of showing off the vast number of improvements made for 2013, simply shows a 2013 Mustang rolling through city streets while morphing through different levels of customization as different people look at it.

“We know that Mustang owners are incredibly passionate about their car,” said Matt VanDyke, Ford’s Director of U.S. Marketing Communications. “Rather than just show features and benefits, our new ad demonstrates how people see the product as an extension of who they are. We believe that everyone has an inner Mustang just waiting to be unleashed.”

The idea for the commercial came, in part, from the massive success of the Mustang Customizer website and phone app. So far, over four million digital Mustangs have been created on the customizers.

“This ad was created to work in tandem with the success of our Mustang Customizer and downloadable app, which allows anyone to create their very own Mustang, selecting colors, accessories and decals to complement the amazing design,” said Lee Jelenic, Ford Car Marketing Communications manager. “Mustang owners are unique, independent, and like their cars to reflect their personalities. The Customizer site and this spot pay homage to that.”

Check out the commercial and let us know what you think of it in the comments section below.


It’s free to express oneself by the customization we want, but we also know that having this kind of privilege has a corresponding price.

Those are probably the real reactions from some people who have seen this model.

Oh, how accurate; I’d probably be like one of those actors, if I ever get to catch this on the streets!

True, when someone sees a car that he/she likes, he/she already envisions the possibilities he/she can do to the car one he/she owns it.

It’s amazing and easily cognizable; the enthusiasts will be more attracted to the 2013 Mustang.

Its message is very accurate. The customers will most likely visualize how they want to style their own cars, if ever they can.

This isn’t unique, but they were creative enough to produce a wonderful commercial. Its message was easily relayed.

When the Mustang passed the little girl, and it immediately turned from pink to black with the girl’s different reflection, you can also perceive that a Mustang’s style is a person’s inner alterego.

Their perception is very true. More than the actual improvements, enthusiasts will most likely see only what they want to see in a car.

Yes, of course, everyone actually chooses a car not only based on performances. We prefer the ones best complementary to ourselves or as a manifestation of our own personalities. Mustang has perfectly understood us; this commercial precisely caught the public’s point of view.

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