Ford to release only 8,000 units of Boss Mustang 302

Of all the places to find a news-breaking car source, a bookstore – in this case, Borders - is one of the unlikeliest places you can find one.

Then again, stranger things have happened and if we’re to believe a description from the book, Boss Mustang: The Return of the Baddest Mustang of all Time, then the reincarnation of the Boss 302 will be limited to only 8,000 units that will be built in a two-year span.

Breaking it down further, the book also says that, of the 8,000 units, 1,000 units – 500 each year – will be 302R race-spec models wit the remaining 7,000 units carrying the standard Boss 302 label.

We’re not sure how certain these numbers are, but if they came from a book solely devoted on the specific Mustang model’s rich history, then there must be, at the very least, a grain of truth behind it. And it’s not like the numbers were just thrown out of nowhere. The first incarnation of the Boss Mustang was also limited to two years with 4,000 vehicles being produced each year.

Take it for what it’s worth, but whatever production number it does come in, you can be sure that it’s going to sell like hotcakes when it’s released. So it’s probably a good idea to get yours as soon as they become available.

Source: Borders


Recently, Ford has released a newer version of Boss Mustang 302. Well, I do hope that this timeless beauty would have a sale because for sure there’re a lot of good productions out in the market. 

Ford win the WRC, it is something we have to appreciate and acknowledge, this car should be a pure driving machine, go head to head with STi and Mitsubishi Evo

Usually when Ford brings something out with an "R" in the name, it’s followed soon after by a slightly less radical, but still awesome, non "R" version. Hopefully the Boss follows this pattern.

Also, when they talk about a car that is using the Cammer engine they will typically announce that fact by saying something like, 400 HP (approx) 5.0L "Cammer R50" or 415hp 5.0L "Cammer."

Hopefully the "R" designation implies that a street Boss 302 will follow suite, much like the Raptor R preceded the production Raptor last fall, or like the Cobra R followed the production SVT Cobra

The Coyote, while still rumored to be a 5.0L DOHC V8 just like the Cammer, is a production engine, and one that is supposed to be based on newer technology (possibly with a totally new architecture borrowed from the 6.2L Boss).

Yeah, I think so. Its going to be sold out immediately.

Darn!, gotta have a reservation today.

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