Found in China: BMW Z4 made from block of stone

Try stealing this one. C’mon, we dare you. Not only will you be having trouble boosting it without anybody noticing, but the mere thought of moving this BMW Z4 is enough to make even the most desperate of crooks think twice about getting near it.

Of course, it helps that this Z4 is made of stone.

Found in Beijing, this incredible one-of-a-kind stone replica of a Z4 is about as intricate as it can get. How so, you ask? Well, the car’s interior is even decked out in all its intricacies.

Somebody really went out of his way to make this, proving that in China, there’s nothing that these guys can’t do.


haha. Maybe before I could actually stole this one , the cops is already on my way to caught me! However, this is one of the amazing handcraft that i have seen. It’s not edgy and still i can see the curve of the Z4.

Cool! That was a great replica though. Nice job!

A block of stone? China is really an amazing place to search for minerals!

Cool, Chinese really are something, they can almost replicate thing like the original.

I don’t think so it look horrible.

A great stone art next to Great wall.

Nice work of art. I wonder how many people would it take to lift this stone.

I wonder how much does it cost if they sell or auctioned it.

After looking at the creases and consistency of it I think this is just a unique vinyl job.

hahaha agree this is also my first time to saw a z4 in stone.. impressive aint it?

What a lovely piece of art! There is no dount that chinese will do such statue. z4 is one of the iconic car in the world.

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