Four supercars crash on the Autobahn in as many days

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Just days after we brought you news of a 2013 BMW M5 crashing on the autobahn , we have yet more bad news from what seems to be a haunted-stretch of road. Not only has one supercar crashed on the Autobahn in recent days, four high supercars were actually totaled on the same stretch of German highway in just a few days.

This horrific chain of events all started last week when a luxurious, silver Maserati GranTurismo crashed on Wednesday while in the hands of its brand new owner. Arguably the most expensive car to crash out of the lot was a grey McLaren MP4-12C which was wiped out on Friday, after its 27-year-old owner lost control but fortunately managed to escape the incident uninjured.

The following day, the two remaining supercars were involved in separate incidents with the first car of the two to be written-off being an extremely exotic Dodge Viper ACR which had only been rented for the weekend with the renter having only been in possession of the 612 horsepower behemoth for just three hours. Unless the car was insured from the rental facility, the driver could be looking at an extremely hefty bill.

And finally, the forth supercar to crash along the same stretch of Autobahn was a silver Chevrolet Corvette Z06 , which met its untimely demise by sliding off into an embankment.

Thus far, only the McLaren has been confirmed as a write-off while the Dodge Viper ACR and GranTurismo aren’t far off needing entire re-builds. It’s currently unclear if the German police are investigating these incidents and possibly looking into any faults in the road surface which may have played parts in each of the crashes.


It’s really relieving to know that no soul was taken, but the poor automotive products were put to waste.

It’s possible that the road has a problem. Maybe they’re too fast, and the road is wet and that leads to unimaginable disaster.

Phew. It’s a relief to know that no life has been taken.

I’m glad he manages to escape in a short time. He must be thankful for his second life.

I’m really only glad that the drivers aren’t dead.

It’s awful to look at the photos of the crashed car. It’s good that the driver made his escape just before it crashed.

How are these supercars so unfortunate? Hopefully, some time later, they would be able to showcase what they’ve got without any mishap.

I wonder if the racers of these cars were too starstruck to handle the driving of each amazing innovation.

They should be more careful; they should learn from these four supercars from this point on. It doesn’t always come from faulty details or reckless driving, but they should still consider these factors in mind, as well as the safety of their own, and even of their co-racers.

What’s happening with these cars? For sure, not all of them were results of faulty specifications. It’s sad to see that these wonderful innovations were just put to waste.

an expensive supercar doesnt make you a good driver

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