Freelander is re-named L2.

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New Land Rover L2 is the work horse for the future.

Freelander is re named L2.

L2 does not really have the same sort of ring as Freelander, but we have to sit back and smile at their ideas, of course when the Freelander was launched many people said that it would not sell because it was not quite a Land Rover and no where near a Range Rover yet a few later here we are the Freelander has been re designed and re named, so who are we to complain.

The L2 gives you an entry into the exclusive Land Rover four wheel drive club, unlike its predecessor the L2 is made to be a work horse rather like to old Land Rovers that you occasionally see on farms, the L2 is the next level and is built to last, it is more sturdy, stronger and under the bonnet sits a Volvo built 3.2 litre straight six engine which will give you an respectable 230 brake horse power, however as with many entry level four wheel drives it is the gear box that lets it down, once again it is the same old story of low range gear ratio, which is essential when driving across a muddy field.

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