Fuoss 01 Trackcar

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German company Fuoss 01 has created the ultimate go-cart. The new vehicle weighs almost 300 kg and is powered by a mid-positioned Suzuki engine (from the small bikes and ATVs) connected to a 5-speed gearbox. The total package is good for 43 hp and a 90 mph top speed.

Fuoss 01 Trackcar

In true go-cart style, there is no roof (or windows, doors, windshield, etc.), but the whole interior is said to be waterproof. At least it will be exclusive: only 10 units set for production next year (priced at $37,520).

Although the Fuoss’ 47 mpg may seem like a interesting way to fight gas prices, it doesn’t seem so good compared to Audi’s version of the VW up!


This vehicle is an greatest platform for a go-cart. It’s a super lightweight vehicle and almost weight 300 kg. It’s the ideal go-cart style.

This Trackcar is absolutely looks so cool on its platform! smiley Furthermore, I noticed that it looks very massive on its wheels, and I wonder if they really had any plan to put it on the market?

This one really nice, I think my kids would love this car

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