Future Honda NSX caught at the Nurburgring

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We all know that due to the global economy many automakers have canceled or at least put on hold many of their high performance intentions. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream a little. This video comes courtesy of the folks at Edmund’s Inside Line showing a their next generation V10 powered Honda NSX prototype running around the Green Hell. Hopefully when all this recession mumbo jumbo is over car makers can get back to work on those vehicles that make us flock to their showrooms.


Ha Ha Ha! This one was so weird. I don’t know what to react upon seeing its body. Its kinda awkward plus the taillamps are too weak.

yeah looks like a Mazda. v. disappointed. design is all "wrong". layout looks like it wont be the same. I’m sure it wont look like this though... i mean.. it cant!.... can it?!

This car sounds amazing. Welcome to the next Japanese performance war. The US and Europe need to step up. This is going to be fun even if I never own the GTR or NSX!

Cool! Honda must have a supercar too that can also compete against GT-R

I guess so, it’s not economical to spend a lot of money due to recession but I think they should put a better looking design prototype because
for me I don’t feel any excitement in seeing the performance of this car.

IMO Acura did a total Landscape on their NSX, it looks like a sports sedan, unlike it’s predecessor.

I agree i am lucky I still own the older nsx

To be honest this car just doesn’t excite me in the way the GT-R or the LF-A does. I think its because Iam a diehard fan of the older model. Mid engine layout, rear wheel drive and design that made Ferraris look ordinary.

This new model seems to have no particular resembelance to its predessesor. AWD, front engine layout, and the looks are just okay. You don’t see the GT-R going mid engine, rear driven with a low slung ride. Honda should have stuck with what made the NSX so great in the first place.

I have been wanting the recession to end sooner. A friend of mine was supposed to buy nice coupe but he can’t get one that would suit his lifestyle because what he wanted are still to come out around 2010-2012. Those are being shown here in topspeed.

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