Future Lexus LF-A will be priced at $225,000

We don’t know when will be released, we don’t know how it will look like (you know what I mean!), but we can tell you that the futureLexus LF-A will be priced over $200,000.

Ben Mitchell, corporate product planning manager for Lexus, confirmed that the price of the carbon-fiber supercar "will begin with a two." And another Lexus source in Japan told Inside Line the price may be as high as $225,000.

The LF-A will be powered by an estimated 500 horsepower 5.0-liter V10 engine. It will be offered in both coupe and roadster forms, the LF-A will first launch as a coupe. Roadster versions will be priced even higher. Both body styles are approximately 2 inches shorter and an inch narrower than the 483-hp Ferrari F430, with a similarly sized wheelbase.

Source: Inside Line


Let me see, Great looks, 500hp V10. Looks like a winner to me all right.

we’ll see. at this point I think it will be hard for Lexus to break into the supercar market after establishing itself as a luxury brand.

Considering the cars it will compete against, the price is actually cheap and to mention way better looking.

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