Galleria Ferrari

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This is where bedroom wall posters come to life.

Galleria Ferrari is the official Ferrari museum in Modena, Italy. It isn’t the largest museum of all the supercar manufactures, but since it houses some of Ferrari’s rarest and most significant pieces, it is absolutely impressive. If Ferrari creates passion, than the Galleria Ferrari is an orgy.

Enzo Ferrari was known for only building road cars to support his racing interests. This is reflected in the museum, with over half of the space showcasing different forms of competition vehicles. But this doesn’t mean the Galleria Ferrari is a racing museum. This multi-story complex houses everything from classic F1 racecars to the California . As an added bonus, because much of Ferrari’s business is done in English-speaking countries, so all of the important historical information is also written in English.

The only problem with the museum is that it is too impressive. Because I got to spend time up close with an Enzo, 250 California , and all those racers, I got a little desensitized. I only realized after leaving the museum that I quickly passed over cars like the 550 and the 612 because they were just “regular” Ferraris.

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