Geely plans to unseat Tata Nano as the world's cheapest car with the Geely IG

Chinese automaker, Geely, is making plans for unseating the Tata Nano as the world’s cheapest car with their very own hatchback based on the IG concept it showed during the recently-concluded Beijing Motor Show.

With an expected price tag of somewhere in the neighborhood of £1,800 -$2,700 - the IG would supplant the Nano, which retails for £2,500 ($3,800) and is currently the world’s cheapest car.

Despite the car’s relatively pauper price tag, the IG concept that we saw in Beijing came with a pair of Mercedes SLS AMG-esque gullwing doors, which made it look a little awkward given it’s rather pudgy size. However, according to Geely, the IG, considering it is 185mm longer than the Toyota iQ and has a wheelbase that’s also 100mm longer, will be produced as a 2+2 vehicle. Of course, the ’+2’ aspect is cognizant to the size of the people sitting at the back.

We’d be really curious to see those gullwing doors on the production version of the IG, but we’re afraid that since they’re trying to make this car as cheap as possible, outfitting those kinds of doors on a car that’s going to cost around $3,000 would be damn near impossible.

Source: Autocar UK


Yes, it’s an aggressive sports car but to me it doesn’t sound cheap to me. It’s real expensive!

Well, what do we expect from china. They are in favor of copying than to create their own,

That is really the cheapest car but it is lovely and I think it is fun to customize this type of car.

You’ll be able to choose between a 1.0L 70 hp ICE engine or an electric one with 80hp/160 km range from what I’ve heard.

With the +2 I’m wondering if it can still run as fast as the normal speed of the nano. but IMO it was a great car sporty and aggressive.

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