Gemballa GT Screams Around Hockenheimring

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To me, the Porsche Carrera GT is the best-looking car ever built... ever! The Gemballa Mirage GT treatment makes it even better (gosh I love the aftermarket!). The stock 5.7L 612-bhp V-10 is more than plenty for even the most experienced drivers – just ask Jay Leno – but some people will stop at nothing to have even more power and prestige under their foot.

This is where German luxury tuner Gemballa comes in. Sporting a widened body, ultra lightweight flywheel, bigger exhaust, wheel and tire upgrades, a remapped ECU plus a host of aerodynamic improvements, the Gemballa Mirage GT is simply bliss.

Albeit with 70 more ponies over stock, the aero modifications increase downforce to the point where it runs similar numbers to Porsche’s version. However, Gemballa is not quite finished with this stunning car. Apparently, they’re working with Brembo to develop a specific fitment for it that should come in real handy once they add some turbo power and try to get 750 to 1,000 hp.


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