Gemballa GT500 AERO 3

Gemballa GT500 AERO 3

The German tuning firm Gemballa have just revealed a new customization program targeted at Porsche Cayenne owners. The GT500 Aero 3 kit is a new take on their classic rounding out of the high performance SUV and also includes an electronic lowering kit, a set of 22 inch Gemaballa GT Sport wheels as well as a free flowing exhaust and plenty of upgrades on the inside. With christmas eve right around the corner, it looks like this one is a special order. Who ever knew that Santa Claus was a Porsche guy?

Source: Gemballa


A few days ago Gemballa released a new tuning kit for the Porsche Cayenne called the GT500 Aero 3 package.

they enhanced the aerodynamics that includes new front and rear aprons, side skirts, a roof spoiler, modified fenders and a new hood.

Although they don’t give a lot of details about the Aero 3 package for Cayenne, I think they will lower the module to have a good wheel set and really good performance tyres. But I think the headlights and the spoilers will be the same but I hope they will consider it as an addons for this Porsche Cayenne.

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