General Motors increases Hybrid Fleet to

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General Motors increase their hybrid fleet to eight, with a view to take it twelve in the future.

General Motors increases Hybrid Fleet to Eight.

The Los Angeles auto show is certainly having an effect on the car manufacturers this year with yet another brand announcing an increase in hybrid product.

The Saturn VUE is the hybrid vehicle that General Motors have used to launch their hybrid production programme, the vehicle which has a pair of electric motors, one of which provides power at lower speeds, while the other provides power at higher speeds. A unique point on the General Motors version of electrical motor is the fact that this one can actually be plugged into a standard domestic electrical socket to charge the batteries up when not in use.

General Motors plan to use the same system in the Saturn Aura Sedan car and the GMC Yukon sports utility vehicle, this will take the hybrid fleet at General Motor to eight, which is a very respectable number offering everyone the opportunity to drive a hybrid car.

This is not the end of the range, General Motors plan to have a fleet of 12 hybrid vehicles giving them a good range of hybrid vehicles, hybrid cars can save between 25 and 45 percent on fuel usage, which is a considerable reduction in fuel for both cost and usage.

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