General Motors not yet ready to ax Hummer; takes a look at two previous bidders for the brand

General Motors has apparently gotten used to the age old adage, “if there’s no drama, then it isn’t worth the price of admission”.
We’re telling you this because, as it turns out, Hummer , which was on the brink of the guillotine after GM’s impending sale of the brand to Tengzhong fell through, may just have found new life.

According to the Wall Street Journal, two prior bidders for Hummer have stepped up to the plate in the hopes of saving the All-American SUV from the dust bin. The Wall Street Journal didn’t go on record as to say which two suitors have renewed their chase for Hummer, but it sure is worth pointing that this whole situation is eerily reminiscent of the whole General Motors-Saab -Spyker soap opera, which by the way, wasn’t made official until early this week.

Whether or not these two supposed ‘old’ suitors of Hummer have anything to offer to GM to make them consider selling it, it sure is going to be a very interesting few weeks for all the parties involved. But at the end of the day, Hummer has only two places to go. Either it follows Saab to salvation or it goes follows the bread crumbs left behind by the recently-deceased Saturn and Pontiac .

Keep it here and we’ll update you as soon as more information becomes available.


Hummer is a SUV that can carry a convoy across any terrain or your kids safely to school. It would be a sad lost to see such a great automobile lost for lack of funds to carry on the brand.

The Hummer is a very unique SUV, truly a one of a kind automobile it has been used successfully in conquering all types of terrain from water bogged swamps to foreign sands in way off places and foreign lands not many SUV can carry those bragging rights.

The very monstrous thing in it is properly attached. The car is for danger loving person.

The car is totally funny and ridiculous no way for that car to park my lot.

I don’t see the point why some people like this thing it’s not too good for anything but crashing maybe.

Well, I hope that it would be some kind of an electric or hybrid engine producer company. If they will manage to make some Hummers that runs in electric or hybrid engines, I’m pretty sure that people may actually like the huge SUV again.

Well, it is true that with that kind of issues, it’s not the cars made that will suffer but those who makes those cars. I’m guessing that the number are in thousands and I feel sad that they might loose their jobs cause of this issue.

@adriansmith: correction dude it’s not lovely, its a huge bulky monster. GM just do the right thing.

After watching this video, I think the saddest thing about this whole ordeal is the loss of jobs.

lovely Hummer, so sad that GM has already gave it up.

well I guess that GM has already had enough with hummer, but IMO Tengzhong will not get a bigger profit to it.

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