General Motors set to open design studio in South Korea

General Motors is putting up some roots in South Korea after the US automaker officially opened its Seoul Advanced Design Studio today. The new design studio, which is located at the up-scale district of Gangnam, will house GM’s interior and exterior styling for all of the brand’s mini and small car designs all over the world.

All in all, the new design studio in Seoul will house over 30 of GM’s designers, in addition to the numerous other employees under GM’s payroll.

Ed Welburn, GM’s Vice President of Global Design, noted that the selection of Gangnam as the location for the brand’s new design studio was attributed to the city’s trendy lifestyle. “Our car designers get inspiration from life and Gangnam is a place where people worship design, style and fashion,” he said. “Our Korean designers will sample perfection every day surrounded by some of the top brands and fashion houses in the world and this ideal location will nurture their creative souls."

Among the GM vehicles that have already been designed by the team that will now be based in Seoul includes the Chevrolet Cruze , the Spark and the new Aveo RS .

Source: GM


With the 157 allocation countries of GM..Well, no wonder why their car is quite popular. However, its just sad that GM is still suffering from financial crisis due to the competition with electric cars.

WOW! That’s a smart move for the GM to built a studio in South Korea since its in fifth place when it comes to the production volume of cars.. Well, I was wondering what’s next on their list!

Another new designed car by cheverolet, looks cool and the mini itself make this car awesome.

I bet the GM cannot outsell the Korean auto industries.. KIA and HYUNDAI are now a tight competitors.

Wow, they already reach Korea. So, aren’t the hyundai afraid that they might over sell by the GM?

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