General Motors to open new crash test facility in Detroit.

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GM have plans to open a new crash test centre to look into the prolem with rollover crashes.

General Motors to open new crash test facility in Detroit.

With roll over accidents becoming an ever increasing problem, not only for the owners of the vehicles but now even for the car makers as there are an increase in law suits against them.

It is therefore no surprise that car companies are attempting to improve the handling and stability of the cars, this problem is mainly with sports utility vehicle which are at risk of rolling over when they are turned at high speed.

General Motors will try to perform at least 150 rollover tests in an attempt to try and figure out the cause and try to find a viable solution, because this is a serious matter, even though rollover crashes make up only four percent of all road crashes in the US, over thirty three percent of those involved are killed and therefore this has become over the last year or so a topic for discussion in many circles.

The solutions will lie with rollover air bags, which will protect the occupants during the rollover, conventional air bags do not work simply because the car is turned over onto its roof and therefore the protection offered by the front and side airbags is lost.

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