German man loses 23,000 Euro while test driving a convertible

It is standard procedure that before buying a car, the interested party should take said vehicle for a test drive. In the event that the car is a “cracker” (as the guy from Wheeler Dealers likes to call them) and the interested party wishes to purchase the vehicle they bring a check, or in certain occasions, cash. But something a car buyer should never do, is leave the cash in the backseat for a highway run, with the top down.

That is exactly what a 23 year old man from Hanover, Germany did when he took a new Audi A3 Convertible for a test drive. The driver left 23,000 Euro (about $31,000) in an envelope in the back seat for safekeeping.

To make a long story short, the man from Hanover had to call the police, who shut down the highway and helped the guy recover 20,000 of his Euro. So if you take anything away from the man’s experience, keep the cash in your pocket, or just stay away from convertibles all together.

Source: The Local


Lucky for thus guy, he was still able to recover most of his money.

Most of the time I would prefer to pay in check if not with my card.

Loosing 30k is no joke especially if its for the car

I think the buyer is just too excited to drive the car. The only problem is he forgot the most important thing to keep in order to get the car.

I am wondering where the missing 3k is? Next time you have that envelope in the right place before you test drive

That’s carelessness. Next time always safety your money like make sure you have closed the zipper of your pants

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