GM Denies Rumors Of The Mid-Engined Corvette

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A little while ago, we wrote on the possibility of a mid-engine Corvette. Karl Stracke, General Motors Vice President of Global Engineering has just denied these rumors when he spoke to Automotive News and Autoweek.

“There is no mid-engine in the plans,” said Stracke.

The mid-engined Corvette has been in our minds for years, almost as long as the car has been around. There have been numerous concepts and different sketches that keep our minds focused on this possibility. The latest machine was the CERV-III concept that debuted in 1990.

Stracke also put down the possibility of a V6 Corvette, as GM has just created a new small-block V8 that might find its way into the sports car sometime in the future. He did say that a hybrid might come along eventually, but we can only imagine how that would go over with the Corvette faithful.

Let us know what you think down below. Do you think there should be a V6 in the Corvette or a hybrid? Or do you think the engine should be in the middle?

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I’ll be happy if its just start/stop tech. Please no real or even mild hybrid, just focus on making it lighter and more aerodynamic, that will be a cascading benefit than adding weight to be more efficient.

In before crying over possible hybrid corvette.

The current LS3 Z51 is faster than the 911 S, R8.The z06 is a 7.42 on the ring and faster than the F430 and 997 911 Turbo. I doubt a mid engine layout
will change things.

Why does the Vette need a V6 or a hybrid system? Who said that the current V8 wasn’t good enough? I fail to see why a 436 bhp engine that delivers 26 mpg on the highway is in need of replacement.

And yet again, we have our hopes crushed, too bad. But then, the idea of a Corvette hybrid sounds pretty interesting. Hope they pull off this one right.

I’d rather go for a Hybrid one than a V6 engined Corvette, but the mid-engine is also great if they would do it.

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