GM drops heated windshield washer system, sinks supplier

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GM Rethinks Fuel Efficiency and Brand Futures

It was a simple idea, create a system that heats windshield washer fluid to speed up the process of melting snow and ice off windshields. In stepped Microheat with it’s HotShot system. In September though, General Motors was forced to recall about 944,000 vehicles equipped with the HotShot system because of concerns over electrical fires. GM has subsequently stopped using Microheat’s system, forcing Microheat to cease almost all production and close the company doors permanently. Now the fight is going to the lawyers, GM is suing Microheat for the cost of the recall, which is reported to be in the $20 million to $25 million range. But Microheat is pointing out the fact that GM still owes them 3.7 million for parts and tooling.

By November 1, dealers should have the parts to fix the problem, free of charge, by adding a wiring harness with an inline fuse. Vehicles affected are between 2006-2008 model years and include the Buick Lucerne and Enclave, the Cadillac Cadillac DTS and Escalade, the GMC GMC Yukon, Sierra and Acadia, the Saturn Outlook, the Hummer H2, and the Chevy Silverado, Avalanche, Tahoe, and Suburban.


I bought AlphaTherm’s heated windshield washer module, installed it, and was quite happy with it. Upon my first visit to Zubor Buick in Taylor, Michigan since installing it, guess what the dealer did? They not only removed it, but destroyed it by cutting the wires! I was so mad that now the dealer is purchasing a new unit and going to install it for me! That’s how hyper these GM dealers are getting to be.

Just to clarify what the dealer did... The dealer did not remove the wiring harness but cut the cables of same to facilitate removal of the (HWW) module, and then taped the ends of the wires that were left dangling. It would have been much cleaner had the dealer, Zubor Buick of Taylor, Michigan, disconnected the wiring harness at the two connectors. Alas, this is how our government is running GM nowadays!

My dealer performed the heated windshield washer (HWW) recall. Both the washer module and wiring harness were removed. The HWW switch, however, was not, and I was not issued the insert for my owner’s manual. Dealer says it will mail me my $100 check in a week or so. This is a really dumb recall that will certainly place GM in the "factory hall of shame!"

Everytime GM comes with even a remotely smart idea, it backfires.

But the blame lies with the people who actually buy GM products.

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