GM Engineers Make Music With Chevrolet Cruze

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So this is what happens when you allow engineers to do whatever they please. Left alone with the new Chevrolet Cruze , they began to make sweet music with different areas of the new sedan that will look to put General Motors back into the midsize segment.

If you’re interested in watching a few engineers clown around, but at the same time see how stuff works, than this video is for you. From the doors to the trunk to the wipers, nothing is off limits to these guys.

Apparently, the video was shot at the Milford Proving Grounds in what looks to be a bunker. It also looks as if the video is attempting to show us that the Cruze has sensational build quality, unlike previous GM sedans. It’s a pretty good attempt, as the video is entertaining and informative at the same time.

Hit the jump to watch the GM video.


Thank you for that. Its really not that difficult to understand people. I’ve worked in retail sales before and its hard to recommend a product, commission if you wouldn’t buy it yourself.

Once again, you Monday morning quarterbacks have missed the point of the Volt. GM said all along they were going to lose money on it.

Why weren’t GM building cars like this before the crisis. I think the GM subs would fare better if they were independent companies.

Once things are back to normal at GM the UAW will return to its normal way and quality will sink again. We’ll be back at the bailout hearing in no time. It’s pretty damn obvious but the only way for the auto industry in this country is to chop the UAW from its head.

The Cruze is an Ohio project for GM, with engine blocks coming out of Defiance, transmissions coming out of Toledo and many stamped metal parts coming out of Parma"

People choose Toyota and Honda first for their reliability plus the Cruze is as boring looking as anything else out there.

A nice, good looking, compact cheap car, that will make some cash for GM.

wish they’d bring it over, but as the article states, it’s looking slim. Do they really have the notion that the US consumer still doesn’t like hatches?

Well this is all great news, however, its still WAY overpriced to SAVE anyone money, too heavy, and the interior is still horrid. They should have let Pininfarina pen the exterior design and keep the Alfa 2uetto concept interior intact. The Volt would have been smoking hot then. I’ll save more money by keeping my Mirage. Because that’s what this car is all about, right? Saving money?

I’d hope it’s solid considering that it weighs almost as much as many full-size cars. They must have packed it with all kinds of stuff.

Hahaha, their cool! Those engineers are freaky.

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