GM head of marketing leaked info on new Baby Hummer, Cadillac and ElCamino!

GM head of marketing leaked info on new Baby Hummer, Cadillac and ElCamino!

We met with Mark LaNeve on monday night at a diner organized by GM to promote their new concepts at the Detroit Auto Show. Mark confirmed the upcoming reveal of a small Hummer truck, a small Cadillac and a G8 based pick up. The first two vehicle will certainly be very close to the Hummer HX and CTS coupe jsut unveiled in Detroit earlier this week. It is just strange that the HX concept it so close to the hummer H3T concept from 2004, moreover we have the feeling that the new Hummer will not be a pickup only version. About the Cadillac, the 2 door concept pave the way for smaller Cadillac vehicle. Let’s just hope the smaller Cadi will not be a Malibu re-badged! God knows how much GM think the Malibu is the next best thing after their Volt concept of course.

about the G8 pickup, we already know what it will look like, as Holden, who build the G8, already have car pickup in their lineup. LaNeve just said that he is looking for a good name, anything aside of ’ElCamino’!

Wanna help Mark? Submit your baby names for the baby Cadillac and the G8 pickup. My personal take: Cadillac CTA and Pontiac Trucko!

Keep in mind that LaNeve is ’only’ head of Marketing, which means that even if he identified demand for those cars, other consideration such as engineering or budget might not allow those project to go through. Time will tell.


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