GM Ready to launch new Corvette.

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Corvettes test the new car, code named "Blue Devil" it has been seen in Europe!

GM Ready to launch new Corvette.

The long awaited new vette is pounding the tracks and clock up some impressive miles, there have been many photos circulated over the internet and to be perfectly honest if it performs as good as it looks then GM are onto a winner.

GM Ready to launch new Corvette.

The Blue Devil as the car has been nicknamed is supposed to have a huge 600 bhp power plant and with extensive use of carbon fibre the car will still weigh in at nearly 3000 lbs, never the less this car is to be considered somewhat a serious competitor for the European sport cars coming off the productions and waving their thorough bred credentials in the all, the Blue Devil Vette will probably enter the marketplace with a price of around $100,000 which puts it clearly into the Euro ball park.

Yet the car the Blue Devil has more than just raw brute power, it has style and yes the corvette has a pedigree, a long and prestigious pedigree that should be over looked, the vette is no upstart and this vette is a serious super car waiting in the wings for when the time is right for the launch onto the super car arena where it will be up against the Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini, something tells me that the Blue Devil will be turning heads.


Looks like another winner to me. I wonder how team Viper will counter.

wow ..woooow and all that with for only 100,000 $ which is nothing comparing with the other emulators.


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