GM scores $9 million for giving Armando Gallaraga a $53,000 Corvette

General Motors ’ quick and sudden move to give Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Gallaraga a Chevrolet Corvette convertible cost them $53,000. However, despite giving away the car for nary a penny, GM is still all smiles about the whole thing.

Proving that they’re also shrewd businessmen, General Motors made a calculated decision of giving Gallaraga the Corvette, not just because they wanted to reward the man who lost out on a perfect game because of an errant call by an umpire, but also because they thought that by doing so, the media mileage behind that story would’ve made everything worth it. Turns out, the gamble paid off. Big time.

According to Joyce Julis & Associates, a Michigan-based firm that deals with stuff involving sponsorships and their public reach, GM’s give-away of the Corvette to Gallaraga netted them a ton of media coverage, thanks in large part to how big the whole story became. JJ&A estimates that the media mileage GM received was equivalent to that of $9 million, which in case you’re wondering is a far cry from the $53,000 Corvette they gave away.

That was some grade A, top notch business sense.


Let me see if I understand this. First of all, GM had to be bailed out with tax payer dollars because they were not smart enough to keep their company solvent during bad times. Now GM gives a Corvette to some worthless pitcher that cried like a little b**ch because he didn’t get his perfect game. A pitcher that destroys the English language when he tries to speak it. Seems like GM is in the business of rewarding under achievers, like this pitcher and their employees, another group of whiners. That is why I don’t buy their junk.

What about the new Chevy Cruze? Very cool and gets great gas mileage...They have them in Europe. When will we get them?

For sure this might costs a hundred thousand bucks.

Issa’s panties are always in a wad, kind of like his brain, a little wad in the big toe on his left foot, the one that’s always in his mouth.

For sure, they can also get a lot of sale on the vette because this might also serve as a promotional to the GM.

isn’t that the GM’s given car is ZR1?

They followed the old marketing strategy, if i were them, probably i did the same also.

I think that someone has made a mistake. It should have been a ZR1 Corvette!

GM, could you please correct this oversight as soon as possible?


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